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Worried about your sprained ankle, here’s what you need to know?


A sprained ankle is caused by an unusual rolling, twisting or turning of your ankle.

Many studies have shown that 10-30% of all athletic injuries are ankle injuries, out of which ankle sprains account for 70% ankle injuries in high-risk sports.[1]

- Usually Self-diagnosable
- Usually Self-treatable
- Lab tests or imaging are often required
- Short term: Resolves within a few days or weeks

It is an injury to the ligaments. All ligaments function in a set of motion governed by a set of boundaries, when any movement takes place beyond these boundaries, you experience a sprain.


- Swelling
- Bruising
- Tenderness
- Pain
- Stiffness
- Skin discolouration
- Inability to exert pressure on the affected ankle



For Home Based Treatment, A commonly used protocol, RICE, is advocated.
- Rest your ankle
- Ice should be applied immediately to reduce the swelling, should be repeated three or four times a day for around 20 minutes.
- Compression, use bandages and dressings to immobilize and support your ankle
- Elevate your ankle, above your heart, as far as possible in the first 48 hours.


- Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen helps reduce pain.
- Therapy: It may involve exercises for balancing, strengthening, and agility of your muscles.
- Surgery: In cases of extreme damage, a doctor may perform arthroscopy to remove stuck fragments of bones and cartilages, and or reconstruction surgeries using sutures or stitches.


With proper treatment, most patients are capable to recover swiftly and resume their daily activities. Consulting your doctor is preferable if the pain is severe and you experience chronic spraining, which may have an underlying muscle issue. At mfine, we help you deal with all your medical problems with a holistic approach, join us on board for any issues that hamper your health.

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