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Shoulder pain: Everything you need to know about.


Pain in the shoulder can hinder any kind of movement. It makes everyday life difficult. Pain in the shoulder can be due to injury which can be caused while playing sports or doing manual labour.
67% of people experience shoulder discomfort at some point over the course of their lives. [1]

- Certain imaging tests such as X-ray and MRI scans are required.
- Affects all genders.
- More susceptible to older age.

Diseases, such as diseases of the liver, heart, or gallbladder, can bring pain to shoulder. Older people are more susceptible to getting this disease as with age soft tissues surrounding the shoulder tend to degenerate.


- Sharp pain under shoulder blade.
- Deep aching pain in the shoulder
- Limited range of motion of the shoulder
- Difficulty in sleeping
- Dull ache in the shoulder
- The stiffness of the joint
- Stabbing, burning, tingling, or electric feeling in the shoulder.


- Try icing shoulder for 15-20 minutes. Use an ice bag or wrap ice around a towel putting it on the skin directly can lead to frostbite.
- Limit overhead work or activities.
- Compressing the area with an elastic bandage can help in reducing swelling.

Medication: Over the counter, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications will help in reducing pain and inflammation.

Specialist: Getting shoulder checked by a specialist will help in getting a better idea of the problem and specialist will suggest therapy necessary for the shoulder. At mfine, we check any kind of disease properly to ensure the best results.

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