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What is Seronegative arthritis?


Rheumatoid arthritis is a physical condition characterized by swollen, painful joints.

Only 80-85% of patients are seropositive, while nearly 15-20% are seronegative. [1]

- the condition can damage various body types
- It occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own tissues
- Painful swelling of the lining of the joints may occur
- Eventual bone erosion and joint deformity

Arthritis can be generally divided into seropositive and seronegative by the presence of rheumatoid factor in the blood. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the lining of your joints. While anyone can be affected with RA, it is most common in middle age women.


- Joint pain, stiffness specifically in the hands but also in knees, elbows, hips, feet and ankles
- Joint swelling and redness
- Joint tenderness
- Symmetrical symptoms and in multiple joints
- Ongoing inflammation
- Morning stiffness lasting longer than 30 mins
- Fatigue
- Eye redness


Self-care: Effective home herbal remedies cause reduction in pain and swelling when taken in conjunction with a customized autoimmune diet. Common herbal recommendations include fish oil, evening primrose, turmeric, and boswellia.

Medication: Patients may take disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs when anti-inflammatory drugs are insufficient. Intra-articular steroid injections are used to lower inflammation.

Physical therapy: Daily activities can be performed in specialized ways to alleviate strain on the joints. Exercise, meditation, and other relaxation techniques help improve mobility, build muscle strength, and reduce stress levels.

Specialists: Reconstructive surgery and joint replacement surgery may be necessary in some cases. Like with any surgery, there is always a risk and the decision to pursue surgery should be made along with a team of physicians. Sometimes, surgery can improve quality of life and reduce pain.

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