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Perineal Tear: All you need to know


A perineal tear is the tearing of the skin and tissue that separates the vagina from the anus.

More than 85% of females who undergo a vaginal birth will suffer from some degree of perineal tear.

- Usually happens during child delivery
- Needs immediate medical attention

Ages affected- women of all ages who give birth are susceptible


The pain from the skin and tissue laceration is usually very intense. It is accompanied by a variety of other symptoms.

People may experience:
- Soreness
- Weakness
- Pain when peeing or pooping
- Constipation


The skin is stitched closed by a surgeon immediately after the incident occurs.

- Give your body full rest
- Sleep lying flat on your back

Medications: During the surgery, the patient will be put under with anesthesia. The days following the surgery, patients are recommended to take NSAIDs, regularly to reduce the swelling and pain. Your doctor will also recommend you to take Laxatives and stool softeners which can be purchased over-the-counter.

Specialists: There will be several follow up appointments with your obstetrician, and they will put you on the best treatment plan for you. Please check out our holistic health program at MFine and let us help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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