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Pain in lower left back


Pain in lower left back may indicate a spinal health issue.

- Most common in aged people
- Can be chronic or acute
- Lab tests and imaging may be required is the pain becomes chronic
- Requires medical assistance
- Risk improves with growing age

Sometimes this may be a sign of damage in internal organs like the kidney, intestines and the reproductive organs.
This back pain is felt next to the spine above the hip. It can be sharp, stabbing pain and or dull pain. In some people, it comes and goes while in others it may be always present.

It can occur in people of any age but is most common in adults.


Lower left back pain can be a sign of health issues such as -
- the presence of kidney stones: The pain is felt when a kidney stone moves through the kidney into the bladder and along the length of urethra.
- an infection in the left kidney with localized inflammation

Additional symptoms are vomiting, high body temperature and painful urination.


Take rest and reduce your stress levels. Try taking ice or heat therapies. Therapy to be chosen depends on the patient and a trail and error method can be followed. Applying heat improves the circulation whereas a cold compress application reduces the inflammation.

Muscle relaxants are generally recommended. Injections and back braces are also suggested.

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