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Having A Leg Pain? Take A Quick Look!


Leg pain can affect an entire leg or a particular area. This can be constant or appear suddenly and can occur due to muscle cramps.

Leg pain is a widespread problem especially in obese people of over the age of 50 years. [1]

- Lab tests or imaging are not required
- Medical diagnosis is required to identify the cause
- Common in all age groups


Leg pain can come with symptoms like a dull or stabbing sharp pain sometimes in the localized area of the leg. This makes walking and bearing weight harder.
In case of a muscle cramp, redness and swelling like a lump are observed.
This condition comes with symptoms like inflammation of a tendon, in case of tendinitis.
In muscle strain, unbearable pain is experienced in stretching the muscle.


Most of the leg cramps occur due to muscle fatigue and dehydration which can be treated with OTC medications. Apply an ice pack and place your leg on elevated surfaces at rest as much as possible. Various pain relieving treatments are available to cure any inflammations and severe joint pains.

Painkillers can be taken. Prescribed medications are advisable in case of severe conditions like deep vein thrombosis, arthritis, and varicose veins.


If you are suffering from chronic pain or a severe pain affecting your daily routine, seek medical help. This helps in identifying the cause and suitable treatment can be adopted. At mfine, you can find highly qualified doctors ready to help with your medical condition.
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