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Consult India’s top
doctors Online

Starting at ₹199

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Why online doctor consultations?

In recent years, telemedicine has evolved as an excellent alternative to traditional ways of booking an appointment with a doctor at a clinic or hospital. As per a recent survey, 80% of most health issues can be addressed remotely by chatting with a doctor online, making online doctor consultation the easiest and most convenient way to address your health concerns. Here are a few benefits of online appointments and how they have transformed healthcare for everyone:

Eliminates the need to travel:

Probably the biggest advantage of chatting with a doctor online is that it can be done from the comfort of your home. Apart from skipping unavoidable traffic jams and long hours of commute, online doctor consultation is also beneficial for patients who are too weak or are facing severe symptoms to step out of their homes. 


Online doctor consultation helps you save money since it costs a fraction of the expenses involved in physically visiting a doctor.  

Security and privacy:

Since online doctor consultation in India is still picking up, it comes with the popular belief that your medical information will get leaked or misused. While, in reality, consulting with a doctor online is, in fact, a lot more secure and safe. Moreover, it provides top-notch privacy to patients so you can talk to a doctor online about conditions that are not traditionally or openly spoken about.


Most patients prefer online consultation due to the easy and convenient process involved. With every 4th Indian today owning a smartphone, online doctor consultation is more accessible now than ever. To add to that, it eliminates the need to self-diagnose by looking up symptoms online.

Social distancing:

With the coronavirus pandemic causing a drastic change in our daily lives, social distancing has now become the new norm. Therefore, online doctor consultation is the best way to address your health problems from home. It also gives patients with acute symptoms the option of not stepping out and exposing others to infections.

Easy access to records:

When you talk to doctors online, you will be provided with the prescription directly on the online doctor app. Not only does this make it easier for you to order medicines online, but it also helps in maintaining records of all previous prescriptions which otherwise need to be filed for future consultations.

How does online doctor consultation work?

Step 1: Choose your speciality

Choose the speciality based on the medical condition you have. If you are not sure, you can consult with a general physician to guide you through your health condition

Step 2: Choose your doctor

Choose your doctor based on your preferences. Few parameters you can consider are the years of experience, qualification, languages they speak, hospitals they work in and the location they are based out of.

Step 3: Talk to a doctor online

Consult with doctor online either through chat, voice or video call and address your health problems. Apart from medical advice, the doctor will also give lifestyle tips for your condition and share a prescription.

Step 4: Buy medicines online

You can buy medicines online through our app and get them delivered to your doorstep without the need to step out of your home.

Chat with a doctor from top Super Specialities


  1. What is an online consultation?

    An online doctor consultation happens between a patient and a doctor over chat, call, or video call. This enables you to talk to doctors online without having to search or locate a clinic or hospital near you. You can now opt for an online medical consultation with doctors from various specialities from the comfort of your home, without dealing with the hassle of waiting in traffic or long queues.

  2. How do I do an online consultation?

    The steps to talk to a doctor online are simple:

    1. Visit our website or download our MFine app for doctor consultation 
    2. Choose your symptoms or select a specialist doctor to consult. You can even consult a general physician who can understand your condition better
    3. Book doctor appointment online and a specialist will get in touch with you immediately 
    4. Ask a doctor online about your symptoms, problems, condition, medication, and more during your consultation 
    5. Online doctor consultation at MFine may require you to submit previous medical records, lab results, etc. so the doctor can better understand your condition
    6. Post the consultation, you can get follow-ups with your doctor
    7. You can also order medicines online from the MFine app
    8. You can also get lab tests done at home
  3. Which online doctor should I see?

If you are aware of your condition, you should consult with a doctor of the speciality your condition falls under. For example, if you suffer from bronchitis, you should see a pulmonologist. But if you are unable to understand your symptoms, it will be best to book a doctor appointment online with a general physician. They will assess your symptoms and diagnose the problem and may refer you to another specialist if needed.

  1. Can I choose a specific doctor to consult with?

Yes, you can avail online consultation with a doctor of your choice. With multiple doctors in various specialities and cities, you can choose a doctor based on their profile. You can read about their years of experience, the hospital they work at, and more, on their page. You can also check the proximity of the doctor to your location in case you would like a quick consultation before seeing them for a physical checkup. With MFine, you can always rest assured that your online medical consultation promises quality care and hospitality. 

  1. Can I get a prescription after an online medical consultation?

After your online medical consultation, your doctor may prescribe you with medicines needed to recover your health. To get a complete and accurate diagnosis of your condition, the doctor may also recommend you to take tests and health check-ups for specific conditions like thyroid, diabetes, PCOD, liver, and kidney function. MFine takes qualification and relevant experience into consideration before partnering with doctors online to provide you with valid prescriptions and expert medical advice. 

  1. Is my online medical consultation secure?

With MFine, you can book a doctor appointment online without having to worry about privacy. We ensure that your interaction with a doctor online remains confidential. Your medical history, diagnosis results and records will also be stored in a safe and secure database.


Why MFine for online doctor consultation?


With 30+ specialities, 2500 online doctors+ and partnerships with more than 500 renowned hospitals across the nation, MFine is an AI-powered healthcare platform that makes online doctor consultation more accessible, affordable and convenient. 

Complete confidentiality:

Our intuitive platform lets you chat with a doctor online with ease and provides the added benefit of storing your prescriptions and other medical records while also offering complete privacy and security. 


With free registration charges and affordable consultation fees, MFine strives to make healthcare a necessity and not a luxury. 

Trustworthy services:

MFine has gained the trust of over 7 lakh users for online doctor consultations in India.

Certified online doctors:

We have a broad network of top specialized doctors, with over 10 years of experience to provide you with high-quality online medical consultations.

Convenient health checks:

We provide an array of health check-ups, condition-based and lifestyle-based health packages that cater to specific conditions to assess your health with maximum accuracy.

Valid prescription:

With our licensed online medicine platform, you can order medicines with valid prescriptions from MFine and get them delivered on the same day in selected locations.

Patient Testimonials

This app is a godsend. My daughter was having an allergic reaction at midnight, but our building was sealed due to positive cases here, so we were hesitant to go outside. Through MFine, we got a video consultation with the doctor right away. He prescribed some medicines and my daughter is better now. Many thanks!

Bhupendra M

It is a very good app. I live in a remote area, and the nearest specialist is 200kms away. And iven the pandemic situation, it’s riskier to go out. So, I consulted online on MFine and the experience has been superb! Thank you so much MFine.

Krishna P

The process is smooth, reminders are timely, the preliminaries are professional and the consultation is thorough and thoughtful. Overall it’s been a very pleasant experience.

Ranjit K