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Chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL) is a kind of cancer of the bone marrow. In this medical condition, the bone marrow produces many white blood cells or lymphocytes. The condition results in the generation of the ‘B cell lymphocytes’ in lymph nodes, bone marrow, and blood. These B cell lymphocytes malfunction and overpower the healthy ‘blood cells’. The disease affects people over 50 years of age. Males are more prone to develop the disease. The risk factors of the disease include a family history of CLL, exposure to the insecticides and herbicides, age, etc.

Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Symptoms

Many of the people who suffer from chronic lymphoid leukemia do not show any symptoms. Those who develop the symptoms and signs show the following:

  • Painless and enlarged lymph nodes
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent infections
  • Pain in the left upper part of the abdomen that could be caused by the enlarged spleen.
  • Night Sweats
  • Fever
  • Weight loss

Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Causes

Something causes the genetic mutation of the DNA of the blood-generating cells. As a result of the mutation, the blood cells produce infective and abnormal lymphocytes. The abnormal lymphocyte multiplies and accumulates in various organs and in the blood and brings about further complications. They even interfere with the production of healthy blood cells.

Diseases Associated with Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia

Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL) can lead to several complications if not treated.

Recurring Infections: People suffering from chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL) can experience recurring infections of the lower and the upper respiratory tract.

Ritcher’s Syndrome: Some people suffering from chronic lymphoid leukemia can develop a severe type of cancer known as large diffuse B-cell lymphoma. Doctors call this Ritcher’s syndrome.

Enhanced Risk of Development of Cancers: People suffering from chronic lymphoid leukemia are prone to develop the other kinds of cancers such as melanoma and cancer of digestive tract, lung, and skin.

Diagnosis of Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia

Find experienced chronic lymphoid leukemia specialist at mfine who would advise the patients to undergo having various procedures and tests for confirming the development of chronic lymphoid leukemia. Blood tests are carried out to check the number of B-lymphocytes present in the blood. A high number indicates the presence of chronic lymphoid leukemia. The other diagnostic procedures used are a computerized tomography (CT), bone marrow aspiration etc.

Understanding Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia

Researchers are working to understand the exact mechanism that results in chronic lymphoid leukemia. It is brought about by the ‘genetic mutation’ of the DNA of the blood-producing cells.

Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Treatment

Cardiologists at mfine would suggest you the right course of treatment. The treatment of CLL depends on the stage of cancer. In the early stage of cancer, the patient is not treated. In the later stages of targeted therapy, bone marrow therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy are done.

It is important to get in touch with a good cardiologist to treat this disease in a timely manner. At mfine, we have listed a large number of specialists to help you.  

You can get in touch with proficient chronic lymphoid leukemia doctors near you at mfine.

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