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What kind of diseases does affect the kidneys?


The gradual loss of the kidneys because of some form of disease affecting the normal functionality.

About 661,000 Americans have kidneys failures annually.

- Laboratory tests and imaging are required.
- Medical assistance needs to be carried out.
- Can affect men and women at a later stage in life.
- Both chronic and acute.

End-stage renal disease is the form of a disease that tends to slowly disrupt the normal functioning of the kidneys. It tends to reduce the usual functionality of the kidneys and causes it to cease all operations. This might be because of high blood pressure, uncontrollable diabetes, and various other reasons.


Dizziness - There is heavy vomiting and the onset of nausea.
Weakness - Loss of appetite and also sleep problems.
Pain - Immense swelling near the hips, and in addition, there is a change in the way that the person urinates.


Self-care: Try to lose as much weight as possible, and also ensure that you are active most of the days. Try to have a balanced diet and control your blood pressure as well.

Medication: Intake of medication that regulates of blood pressure and diabetes is essential to prevent the onset of the condition.

Specialist: It is recommended that you get yourself checked up every now and then. At mfine, we guarantee positive results and bring out the change in you in no time.

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