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What is a large core needle biopsy of the breast?

What is a large core needle biopsy of the breast?

Large core needle biopsy is a procedure to remove a small tissue sample of the breast for laboratory testing. A biopsy is performed to determine whether the suspicious area in the breast is due to breast cancer. The lab report from a biopsy can help in evaluating the additional course of treatment or surgery.

When is large core needle biopsy of the breast recommended?

The doctor might recommend a large core needle biopsy when any or all the following happens:

- The doctor or the patient feels a lump or thickening of the breast and doctor suspects it could be breast cancer
- If the mammogram shows a suspicious area in the breast
- Ultrasound reveals a suspicious area that could be breast cancer
- MRI has suspicious findings
- Unusual nipple or areola changes including bloody discharge, dimpling skin, scaling, and crusting

Preparing for large core needle biopsy of the breast

Before the biopsy, you need to tell the doctor if you have
- Any allergies
- If you are taking any blood-thinning medications
- If you are unable to lie on your stomach for a long period of time
- Have taken aspirin in the last seven days
After the treatment, the health care team would place a cold pack against the biopsy site; wear a bra such that it can hold the cold pack in place and support the breast.

Understanding large core needle biopsy results

A large core needle biopsy takes several days before the results are available. You will get a pathology report that will include the size and consistency of the tissue samples, the location of the biopsy site, and whether cancer or noncancerous (benign) changes were present. It is necessary to take proper treatment after the results. At mfine, we always make sure that each and every patient get the best treatment.

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