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The word lactation means production as well as secretion of milk from the mammary gland.

20-25% of the women lactate without getting pregnant

-It is suggested that breastfeeding should be done within the first hour after the birth of the baby.
-Witchs milk is the milk produced by the newborn baby through its breast tissue.
-Both men and women can lactate.

The process of formation of milk by mammary gland is termed as lactation. Lactation starts when the woman is pregnant and has given birth to the child. It is important to breastfeed properly for the nourishment of a child. Even women who are not pregnant can also lactate and is known as galactorrhea. This happens for a variety of reasons. The symptoms could be feeling nauseous, acne, discharge from nipples, etc.

Why is lactation consultancy required?

Proper lactation and breastfeeding will not only keep the baby healthy but will also benefit the mother. The reasons that lactation consultancy is required are:
1) The posture of how to breastfeed is taught like face and stomach of the baby should face the mother.
2) It even helps those women who are HIV infected on how to breastfeed the baby without causing harm.
3) To start breastfeeding immediately without any problems.
4) Education about the benefits of breastfeeding.
5) The lactation consultant also makes the plan of baby feeding.
6) Clears any doubt which mother has for initiation of breastfeeding.

Specialist Counselling: To get both support and help regarding lactation and breastfeeding visit mfine.

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