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Hypoplasia of Breast: What are its Signs, Symptoms and Treatment?


Hypoplasia of the breast is the condition when there is underdevelopment or no development of breast tissue during or after puberty.

Cosmetic breast augmentation surgery to treat a hypoplastic breast is common in the United States. Around 300,000 surgeries are performed annually. [1]

- It can be congenital or acquired.
- It can be unilateral or bilateral.
- It can interfere in breastfeeding.
- Most cases are idiopathic.

This condition is also known as mammary hypoplasia, tubular breast, tuberous breast, insufficient glandular tissue or macromastia. The condition results in insufficient glandular tissue which makes breastfeeding difficult or not possible. Breast size and shape does not indicate any breast hypoplasia.


The primary symptom is an underdeveloped or a deformed breast.

Other symptoms include:
- Flat chest (if there is no development of mammary tissues)
- Widely spaced breasts (gap of more than 1.5 inches)
- Dark area of areola may appear enlarged
- Asymmetrical breasts
- No changes in the size of the breast during puberty, pregnancy or even after giving birth
- Area surrounding nipple may appear collapsed or constricted


Self-care: Avoiding infection, hot tub, sauna, and cardiovascular exercises after breast augmentation surgery. It is important to seek psychological support.

Medications: Generally painkillers to manage the pain or the discomfort of the incision are prescribed along with other prescribed medicines.

Specialists: If you notice yourself having underdeveloped or deformed breasts, contact a physician. At mfine, you can get online consultation for all kind of diseases and health problems. Download mfine application now and get instant online advice from specialist doctors.

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