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Endometrioma: Know What Causes It


This is a gynecological disorder in which the tissues grow outside the uterus, which are actually supposed to line the uterus.

The abnormally grown tissue can form on the ovaries as well as fallopian tubes and also on intestines in some cases.(1)

- The chances of getting affected by the disease get higher with an increasing age.
- The disease is common and can be chronic.
- It requires a medical diagnosis, and imaging along with other tests is also required to ascertain the symptoms.
- Women with 18 to 60 years of age are more prone to get affected.

The cyst-lining behaves similar to the uterine lining, but unlike the lining of the uterus it is not shed in every monthly cycle. However, it is trapped in the cyst-cavity. This results in inflammation.


Women affected by the disease often experience the following symptoms:
- Pain in lower abdominal region
- Irregular menstrual cycle
- Pain while defecating
- Painful sexual intercourse
- Pain in lower back or pelvic region
- Pain in rectum or vagina
- Abdominal cramping
- Irregular spotting
- Painful menstruation
- Constipation
- Nausea


Self-care: Heating pads are a good way to sooth the muscles of cramps.

- Hormone and excision surgery to regulate the hormonal activity throughout the body.
- Surgeries such as the laparoscopic surgery and the electrosurgery can be done.
- Cauterization: The process involves burning or freezing a particular part of the body to remove the abnormal growth of tissues from that part.
- Ablation: In this case, the tissues are removed using lasers.
- Electrocoagulation: The process involves the use of electric current to seal off the bleeding.
- Endometrial ablation: This process is the surgical removal of the lining of the uterus to prevent heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle.

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