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Candidal Cystitis And Urethritis: All You Need To Know


Candidal Cystitis is characterized by fungus balls in the renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, and urethritis.

According to the surveillance studies have indicated that Candida species cause 25% of all UTIs in ICUs. [1]

- Treatable by a medical professional
- Microscopic/lab tests required
- Short-term: resolves within a week
- Spreads through sexual contact

Inflammation in the bladder occurs due to the improper emptying of the urinary bladder and increase the risk of colonization. Organisms from the perineum ascend into the bladder, causing colonization of the urinary bladder, thus resulting in cystitis. Exposure to a sexually transmitted disease causes urethritis resulting in swelling and itching in the urethra.


For Cystitis - blood in the urine, back and abdomen pain.
For Urethritis - frequent urination, painful and burning sensation in urethra.

Indication: Burning sensation when urinating, urinating frequently or feeling the need to urinate frequently, pain during sex, blood in the semen or urine in men.


Self-diagnosable: Doctor may carry out a urine analysis and urine culture tests for confirmation.

Diagnosis: Urine tests for gonorrhea and other bacteria, examination of any discharge under a microscope.

- Consume cranberries
- Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and spicy food
- Drink enough water
- Use neutral soaps around the genitals
- Maintain hygiene while having sex
- Protein-rich food

Medicines: Analgesics and antibiotics are commonly used in the treatment.
Specialists: You may be referred to a primary care provider or affiliated urologist. We have an expert team of medical professionals at mfine that render best in class for all treatments.

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