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Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding: Know These Facts to Avoid Panic


Vaginal Bleeding in between two menstrual cycles in considered abnormal. It is termed as intermenstrual bleeding. There are various reasons as to why intermenstrual bleeding occurs; the reasons need medical investigation and it is important to consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis.

Most of the times, spotting between periods is normal and there is no serious cause for concern. [1]

Tests which can be done:

  • A pelvic exam can help in confirming the condition. Additionally, some diagnostic tests like a blood test to determine the cause of the problem. These will be performed to check if there is a problem with the hormone levels.
  • An ultrasound may also be performed.
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy tests may also help determine the cause of spotting.


  • Women may experience:
  • Pain in the lower abdominal region
  • Spotting or bleeding after menopause
  • Fever

The obstetrician-gynecologist will take into account the history of fibroids or polyps or confirm if there are other causes like ovulation problems, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy among others to arrive at a diagnosis.


Self Care:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Balanced Diet
  • Avoiding Stressful situations


In some cases, these medicines may be advised:
For unbearable pain: painkillers and medicines which help in reducing the bleeding
Birth control: These pills can bring down the severity of the bleeding and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Gonadotropin- releasing hormone: It can help in reducing the size of the fibroids which may be the cause for abnormal bleeding.
Antibiotics: As advised by the doctors.

Specialists: In the case of abnormal vaginal bleeding, it is imperative to consult a gynecologist. mfine offers holistic treatment packages to ensure your health and wellness.

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