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21 Weeks of Pregnancy: Here’s What Your Baby May Have Been Up to


21 weeks gestation in pregnancy is the period wherein the mother begins to feel the fetal movements. Around this period, the baby weighs around 12.5 ounces.

- Need regular consultations with your doctor
- Sufficient diet and nutrients intake is required
- Internal organs of the baby continue to develop and mature

People may experience

During the period of 21 weeks gestation of pregnancy, one might be feeling,

Indigestion – Burning sensation in the heart and indigestion are frequently experienced at this time
Dry skin – dry, flaky, and itchy skin
Stretch marks – tiny tears and stretch marks may start to form at this period
Increased appetite – a stronger desire for more food intake
Back ache – pain in one’s back

Baby Growth during this time:

While the baby increases in size and develops, certain changes take place such as brain growth, growth of the body hair and eyebrows, fetal movement, developing of taste buds, arms and legs become proportionate.


Self-care: All toxic substances and alcohol and exposure to strong smells should be avoided. Healthy diet and protein-rich food to be taken.

Specialists: Regular visits to the doctor are a must. We at Mfine are here to help you and give you complete information and treatment for your health program.

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