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Perianal swelling: Underlying Causes and Treatment


Perianal swelling refers to a swollen anus caused by various reasons. It is an important sign of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Symptoms of the anal swelling, if left untreated can lead to anal fistula, resulting in an intensive surgery. [1]

- Along with Perianal swelling, sometimes parts of the digestive tract is also affected.
- A rectal examination or an ultrasound, MRI can be done to ascertain the condition.
- An average age affected by perianal swelling is 40. Males more prone to it than the females.

Causes of Perianal swelling are anal abscess and fistula, anal fissure, skin tags, hemorrhoids, and anusitis. Anal pain is the primary symptom caused by the infected anal glands.


Symptoms of Perianal swelling depends on the cause. Symptoms include:

- Anusitis: Pain, bloody discharge
- External Hemorrhoids: Lumps
- Anal Abscess: Pain, fever, swelling
- Anal Fistula: Swelling, pain, itchiness, stool leakage
- Anal Fissure: Bleeding, pain during bowels
- Perianal Abscess: Loss of bowel control, swelling, pain

Diagnosis of perianal swelling is done by visual inspection, rectal exam, anoscopy, colonoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy.
Immediate medical attention highly required in case of anal bleeding, severe pain accompanied by fever and chills.


Treatment for Perianal swelling mainly depends on the cause.

- Including foods with high fiber content in your diet.
- Stress reduction.
- Avoid foods that irritate the stomach and digestive tract.
- Warm compresses and baths.
- Using pain relievers as recommended by a doctor.

- Over-the-counter prescription.
- Surgery like incision
- Antibiotics
- Hemorrhoid cream and procedures to destroy hemorrhoids.
- Proctectomy (in case of Crohn’s disease)

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