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Non-healing ulcer: Everything to know


If a wound isnt healing by the fourth week then it is termed as an open wound. Open wounds can cause serious damage to a person and If a person is diagnosed with a nonhealing ulcer then they should get themselves checked by a Professional.

Non healing ulcers are a severe problem throughout the world, and it has a great impact on personal and social levels of a person [4]
- An open wounds greatest threat is an infection caused by bacteria.
- An important assessment of the blood supply and the nerve function of the affected area is a must.
- A skin biopsy may be needed if the doctors suspect cancer or an unusual infection
- Some non-healing ulcers are caused by nontuberculosis mycobacteria. [3]

Non healing ulcers usually occur in people with diabetes especially if their blood sugar level is too high or they have a long history of smoking. Poorly controlled diabetes narrows down the large arteries which lead to the legs.


Increasing pain, redness, discharge from the wound and a smelly odor are some of the symptoms.

People may experience
Pain areas: feet, ankles, calves, and thighs.


Radiology and grafting are some or methods used by physicians to treat a person.

PRP injections and PRP gels are used in certain cases only under the advice of a doctor.

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