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Genital wart is a type of STD or sexually transmitted disease. People who indulge in sex with many partners or have an active sex life can contract this disease. With proper genital wart treatment, you can lead a healthy life like others.

Genital Wart Symptoms

Pain in genitals – The presence of these genital warts gives rise to pain and discomfort.

Vaginal discharge – The presence of warts inside the genital can cause excessive vaginal discharge in some female patients.

Blood discharge during sex – Male and female patients with genital warts complain of blood discharge after an intercourse session.

Itching – Mild to excessive itching also occurs in the list of genital wart symptoms.

Genital infections – If you scratch warts too much, then it causes genital infections of several sorts.

Genital Wart Causes

HPV – Human papillomavirus or HPV is the leading cause of genital warts. 40 separate HPV strains trigger the appearance of these warts.

Smoking – A general surgeon guides people to quit smoking. Genital warts are side-effects of excessive smoking.

Weak immunity – People who have low immunity are more prone to these warts. Improve your immunity to stay away from these warts.

Sexually activity – Unprotected sex and sexual activity at a very young age are two main genital wart causes.

Diagnosing Genital Wart

The primary way to diagnose these warts is a physical examination. The specialists, listed on mfine will suggest a biopsy to detect cancer infection. In case of female patients, doctors recommend a pelvic examination.

Other Disorders and Genital Wart

Genital warts are non-lethal under normal circumstances. If you prick these warts, then it can develop in serious infections. A general surgeon knows that these infections can pave the path for cancer in the cervix and anus.

Treating Genital Wart

It is good to know that one can attain freedom from genital warts easily. A general surgeon, listed on mfine, can use liquid nitrogen to freeze these warts and then uproot them. Cauterization is another effective treatment procedure. If you have small warts, then genital wart specialist can cure it with topical ointments.

Find Genital Wart Specialists at mfine

If you want to get information about genital wart doctors near you, then mfine is the ideal platform. Apart from specialists’ information, you will get details of good medical organizations. These doctors will offer proper and affordable treatment.

With mfine, you can book online appointments to see the doctor of your preference.

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