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All You Need to Know About Motion Sickness


Sickness or dizziness caused during travel.

It can be triggered by any form of travel through land, water, or air. [1]

- Generally self-treatable
- Self-diagnosable
- Short term: improves within a few days

It is caused when the brain receives different signals from different sensory organs, such as movement while on an airplane, which can be felt but can’t be seen. The person finds it difficult to maintain balance and might want to vomit.



The symptoms might seem much bizarre during the initial encounter, but later the person realizes that he’s prone to it and the symptoms gradually go away.

Person might experience:
- Ache in the head with dizziness
- Nausea and vomit
- Loss of appetite with increased saliva production
- Affected breathing: shallow
- Affected skin-color: pale
- Difficulty in maintaining balance


Self-care: Relax by taking deep breaths or finding something to focus on, like a stable object. Avoid reading or facing backwards while sitting on a vehicle. Open a vent for fresh air, if on a vessel. Avoid alcohol before or during travel.

Medications: An OTC antihistamine may help with balance; several doses required. Prescription medicines might be applied, a patch 4 hours earlier near ear. Other medicines for motion sickness include side effects and should be taken only on recommendation.

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