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Can the immune system be tricked in attacking itself?


A certain type of condition in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland of the body.

There are almost 14 million people in the United States who are annually affected. [1]

• Lab tests need to be conducted.
• Medical assistance needs to be provided.
• Can affect both men and women of all ages.
• Is acute and chronic.

Hashimoto's disease is the state in which the immune system of the body attacks the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland that helps in the secretion of hormones that assist in the coordination of various functions in the body. Hashimoto’s disease is also known as an autoimmune disease, but then it’s unknown as to how the disease arises in your body.


• Weakness – there is adverse levels of fatigue and sluggishness observed along with muscles weakness.
• Dry skin – the skin becomes dry due to lack of moisture and you start to develop a puffy face.
• Anxiety attacks – the onset of depression is observed along with sensitivity to cold and brittle nails.


• Self-care – intake of a normal diet and seeking medical assistance is the most you can do.
• Medication – consumption of medication under proper supervision is a must.
• Specialist – rush to a doctor when you have any of the above mentioned symptoms. At mfine, we specialize in providing the best care and treatment that would bring in you positive changes and free you from the problematic condition.

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