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Yellowish to Brownish Nail Infection? You May be Suffering From Onychomycosis


Fungal infection that may go deeper into the nails causing nails to crumble

Higher prevalence, around 23% in Europe, 20% in East Asia, and 14% in North America

- Systemic and topical treatment may be needed
- Rare cases may need surgery to remove the nail for injecting an antifungal drug
- Men are more prone to chronic onychomycosis than women
- For those with diabetes, nail fungus may mean serious risks

A condition where microscopic fungus enters the finger or toenails. More frequent in toenails than fingernails. The fungus usually enters through a tiny cut or small trauma. It may spread from person to person. Warm or moist areas may lead fungus to grow.

Ages affected - Often detected in persons of older ages, between 60 and 79 years.


The condition may be caused due to increasing age, genetic susceptibility, diabetes, and nail trauma. Any symptoms of thickened nail color, crumbly nails, and foul smell around the nail area should be reported to a physician.

People may experience
Discoloration - yellowish or brownish color forms around nails
Ragged nails - crumbly and ragged nails can be seen
Fungus under nails - dark colored substance growing under nails
Foul smell - smelling foul near nails


Self-care: Washing hands and feet regularly and trimming of nails should be done. Should wear shoes that are not tight and unbreathable. It is also better to wear sweat absorbing socks.

Medications: Treatment depends on the underlying condition, doctors may prescribe oral antifungal drugs that may take some time to heal.

Specialists: One should visit a healthcare provider immediately if any symptom is detected. We at mfine are here to support you a complete health treatment program.

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