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Find it painful passing your bowels? You might have ulcerative colitis!


Ulcerative colitis is the name given to a chronic condition whose ramification is burning and ulcers of colon and rectum.
This disease affects about 11 million people annually, 1 million cases of which are seen in India. [2]
-- Requires a medical diagnosis
-- Treatment can help, but this ailment is incurable
-- Lab tests or imaging always required
-- Chronic condition can last for years or be lifelong

What exactly begets this disease is yet to be found out, but hypotheses include genetics, changes in the gut bacteria, etc. Symptoms observed in this disease are similar to those in Crohn’s disease, another inflammatory bowel disorder.
Ages affected Between 0 and 5: Rare; Between 6 and 18: More often; 19 and above: Predominant


Requires a medical diagnosis:
Symptoms include rectal bleeding, diarrhea with blood, weight loss, anemia, abdominal cramps, and pain.
People may experience:
Pain areas in the abdomen, joints or rectum
Pain types sporadic in the abdomen
Gastrointestinal blood in stool, bloating, inability to empty bowels,
Whole body anemia, fever, loss of appetite
Also common weight loss


Changes in the diet implementing a high-calorie or lactose-free diet, may help in the symptoms to subside.
Administering IV fluids is another common way to treat this disease.

To bring and preserve remission, diverse medicines are used.

The initial diagnosis for this disease is a colonoscopy. Removal of the colon or rectum can definitively cure this disease.
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