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What are the Causes of Skin Pigmentation?


As its name recommends, skin hyperpigmentation happens following skin damage or irritation when skin is left obscured and stained after the injury has mended.

Pigmentation is the consequence of exorbitant melanin creation in the skin, and is seen on the skin's surface.

- It is a sort of hyperpigmentation that can influence the face and body.
- It shows up as level spots of discoloration.
- Contingent upon skin tone and the profundity of discoloration.

Post inflammatory hypopigmentation (PIH) occurs when an injury or aggravation, similar to a rub, rash, or pimple, makes the skin wind up. As the skin recuperates, it delivers excessive melanin. Melanin is the protein which is responsible for the colour of the skin. colour It's the overabundance melanin that obscures and stains the skin. This staining stays even after the injury has totally mended.

Ages affected - between 12 to 24 years most often; above 24 years – often


Symptoms include dark spots, tanning, discoloration of skin all of which are reasons to consult a dermatologist.

Symptoms of Post inflammatory hypopigmentation may include

- Dark spots
- Discoloration of skin.
- Tanning


Daily application of SPF 50+ broad-spectrum emollient is very important to minimize darkening caused by UVR.

Synthetic strips, laser medicines and exceptional beat light treatments (IPL) might be useful for epidermal pigmentation, however physical medications may likewise irritate it by harming the epidermis.

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