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Everything to know about Lichen sclerosus.


Lichen sclerosus is a disease which usually causes thin, white patches on the skin of the genital area.

This is a rare injury. In India, fewer than 1 million cases of a lichen sclerosus are registered every year.

Treatment can help but this condition isn’t entirely curable
Requires a medical diagnosis
Lab tests or imaging are rarely needed
Can last lifelong
This condition primarily occurs in girls who haven't started menstruating yet and in women who have hit menopause. It is considered as a hereditary condition. It generally causes itching and easy bruising of the skin. Treatment typically involves topical corticosteroid ointments or creams used to reduce itching and complications.

Ages affected 0-2 Most rarely; between 3-5 most rarely; between 6-18 - commonly; between 19 60 commonly; 60 and above Commonly


Lichen sclerosus can cause easy bruising or tearing of the skin and discomfort or itching.
People may experience:
Skin: loss of color, rashes, or redness
Also common: skin tears, vulval itch, bruising or itching


A doctor should be consulted immediately if these symptoms start to appear. If the symptoms become severe, medical help should be availed right away.
Applying moisturizer in the affected areas can hydrate and protect skin from damage.

Medications [3]
Steroids are generally prescribed to modify or simulate hormone effects, often to reduce inflammation and for tissue growth and repair.

Supportive care
Monitoring the medical condition instead of taking action right away can also be chosen in the first stage of the treatment.
Arthroscopy is sometimes employed to diagnose and treat joint problems using a tiny camera inserted through a small surgical opening.
For severe cases, consult a physician, an OBGYN Doctor and a dermatologist. At mfine we’re here to help you with all kinds of health complications, come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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