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What is hyperpigmentation of lips and how does it happen?


Pigmentation of lips can vary from light pink to brown color. Lips can get discolored due to a variety of reasons, such as staining from food or drink or due to an underlying medical condition.

Lip pigmentation is a common problem among those who smoke or consume tobacco regularly. [1]

- Affects men & women both
- Sometimes lab tests and imaging is required
- Blue lips are usually due to poor oxygen circulation in the blood

Skin is made of multiple cellular layers whereas lips are only made up of three to five. It makes lips tissue delicate and thinner and allows color from blood vessels to show. Skin color also plays a prominent role.

The lighter the skin color, more the color from blood vessels will show. Blue lips could be due to choking, shock, or heart failure. White lips are generally signed of anemia. Smoking, injury or trauma can cause black color in lips. The color of lips can also change due to certain medications.


- Spotted lips
- Discolored lips
- Lips turning blue
- Dark color or brown patches in lips
- Brown or black macules on lips



- Keep your lips well moisturized
- Quit smoking
- Apply a lip balm that contains sunscreen to protect lips from harmful sun rays

- If hyperpigmentation of lips is due to certain medication, then consult your doctor and change the medication.
- Doctor might prescribe you lightning creams to blend in the pigmentation.
- Brightening creams can be used to remove hyperpigmentation. Always consult a doctor before using any medication.

Specialist: Hyperpigmentation can be treated using laser therapy, intense pulse light, photodynamic therapy, and surgery. At mfine, we provide the best treatment for any kind of disease. Contact today to get profound treatment.

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