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What is Electrophysiological Testing of the Heart?

Electrophysiological testing of the heart is the test carried out to check the electrical activities generated by the heart. It comes in handy in finding out whether or not the person has an irregular heartbeat and helps in the determination of the type of heart treatment the person needs to be subjected to.

When is Electrophysiological Testing of the Heart recommended?

There are many reasons behind the tests being conducted. All the of the reasons are related to the heart. Few of the main reason could be:

- An abnormal heartbeat
- To check the heart is it has the condition of cardiac ablation
- If you undergo a temporary loss of consciousness
- The onset of sudden heart attacks
- Heart surgery

Preparing for an Electrophysiological Testing of the Heart

There are many tests done before you get an electrophysiological test carried out on the heart. Drinking or smoking on the previous night of the test is strictly not allowed. Also, there are special medications prescribed by the doctor in order to keep the heart at a stable state. Special precautions need to be taken in case you have a pacemaker.

Understanding Electrophysiological Testing of the Heart Results

After the overall completion of the test, there are couple more appointments with the doctor necessary in order to ensure that the heart is functioning properly. After the results are in (which takes roughly 1-2 days), you will have a follow-up session with the doctor in order to take the next step in the determination of what kind of surgery would be best suited for the underlying condition.

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