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Best Laparoscopic Surgeons in Lucknow

Dr. Praveen Sharma

Laparoscopic Surgery

Consult fees - ₹600

19 Years of Practice

Charak Hospital

Dr. Khalid Noman

Laparoscopic Surgery

Consult fees - ₹800

13 Years of Practice

Chandan Hospital

About Laparoscopic Surgeons

Who Is A Laparoscopic Surgeon?

A Laparoscopic Surgeon is a surgeon who performs different surgeries that require minimally invasive cuts/incisions to be made around the abdomen area specifically. A Laparoscopic Surgeon can be a General surgeon, Gynecologist, Pediatric surgeon, or any other specialist.

What Are The Qualifications Of A Laparoscopic Surgeon?

To qualify as a Laparoscopic Surgeon, an individual is required to complete an MBBS degree, followed by a 3 year degree of M.S or M.D.

When Should I Visit A Laparoscopic Surgeon?

You may need to visit a Laparoscopic Surgeon for any of the following reasons –

  • TreatmentAbnormal growth
  • TreatmentNon-cancerous tumors
  • TreatmentBlockages
  • TreatmentInfections
  • TreatmentUnexplained bleeding
  • TreatmentAbdominal pain

What Diseases Do Laparoscopic Surgeons Treat?

Some of the diseases treated by a Laparoscopic Surgeon include Colon Surgery, Stomach Surgery, Gall-Bladder Surgery, Anti-Reflux Surgery, and Hysterectomy

How Do I Consult A Laparoscopic Surgeon?

You can call us and know the details of all the Laparoscopic Surgeons near you. Based on your need, you can make an appointment for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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