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Primecare Hospital

Primecare Hospital


Multi-Speciality Hospital | Established 2005

About Primecare Hospital

Prime Care Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that provides high-quality care for the health needs of patients. An enthusiastic team of healthcare professionals works round the clock to support patients in both clinical and non-clinical setups. Prime Care multi-specialty clinic Bangalore mainly focuses on excellent primary care with the best and qualified specialists providing care to patients. An exemplary clinical team of Prime Care doctors, the hospital provides the best in class maternity care and pediatric care facilities. It is one of the most easily accessible integrated healthcare facilities with emergency services for patients in Bangalore.


Providing superior healthcare is the motto of the reputed Prime Care multi-specialty clinic in Bangalore. As a healthcare organization providing superior care for the overall wellness of patients, the facility has the most sophisticated equipment and uses advanced technologies. The Prime Care Hospital features state-of-the-art infrastructure including Operation Theaters, ICU, and labs. In addition, the hospital also features advanced diagnostic tools and therapies for proper care.

Specialties Treated

  • Diabetic Care: Prime Care multi-specialty clinic Bangalore provides diabetic care to patients with the disease.
  • Physiotherapy: Get physiotherapy from experienced therapists at the Prime Care Hospital.
  • Speech Therapy: Speech problems can be corrected with speech therapy. At Prime Care Hospital Bangalore, you can find the best speech therapist.
  • Piles Surgery: Piles removal is complicated. Consult an expert who can perform piles surgery and give you relief.
  • Endoscopy: Endoscopy is the process of diagnosing internal problems. A complex test is done only at clinics.
  • Gastrointestinal disorder: Patients with gastrointestinal diseases can see a specialist for proper care and diagnosis.
  • Anal Fissure/Fistula Surgery: Fissures and fistulas are painful conditions that may require surgical intervention.
  • Maternity Care: Prime Care Hospital provides excellent maternity care to patients.
  • Pediatric Care: The Prime Care Hospital Bangalore has the best pediatric care unit for children.
  • Dermatology: For all your skin problems, the Prime Care doctors have the best advice and solution.
For any medical emergency, feel free to visit the Prime Care Multi Specialty Clinic in Bangalore.


Primecare Hospital, No. 7, Clarke Road Richards Town, Bangalore - 560084.


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