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Sunshine Hospitals


Multi Speciality | Established 2016-12-31

About Sunshine Hospitals

Sunshine hosp [stumble]ital is a multi-specialty 500+ bedded hospital located in Hyderabad. It is also considered a specialty institution promoted by globally famed Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. AV Gaurava Reddy. The objective of the Sunshine hospital Hyderabad is to make world-standard healthcare available to every common person in the country, thus making medical aid affordable and accessible. Sunshine hospital Hyderabad doctor is committed to delivering the highest standards of medical facilities and care backed by stringent quality assurance programs. The hospital also accords the priority of delivering quality care and accurate treatment at the right time in their state-of-the-art facility.


Sunshine Hospital Hyderabad has 40+ beds dedicated to critical care and 20 beds for trauma care. The hospital features most advanced arrangements and latest technology-enabled labs as well as diagnostic equipment. A team of 100+ Sunshine hospital doctors including physicians, surgeons and specialists provide world-class quality care to patients.

Specialties Treated

  • Joint Replacement Surgery: Sunshine hospital Hyderabad is famous for high-quality and technologically advanced joint replacement surgery under the supervision of internationally recognized surgeons.
  • Hip Replacement: Hip replacement is a complicated surgery and may require a longer duration of hospital stay. Sunshine hospital doctors ensure patients recover thoroughly post surgery.
  • Urine Stone: Stones in the urinary tract or kidneys may cause pain and other physical symptoms. Check with an experienced Sunshine hospital Hyderabad doctor and take necessary medication.
  • Neurology: Any kind of neurological problem should be correctly diagnosed and treated. A team of specialized Sunshine hospital Hyderabad doctors works with neurology patients to give the correct treatment.
  • Pediatric Critical Care: Children with critical health problems receive prompt and emergency treatments at the Sunshine hospital Hyderabad.
  • Neonatal Care: Infants born with critical complications receive the best care at the Sunshine hospital.
  • Diabetes: Doctors at Sunshine hospital Hyderabad specialize in diabetes treatment, care, and management. Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can consult Sunshine hospital doctors for lifestyle modification and diabetes management.
  • Hypertension Treatment: High blood pressure is a rising cause of concern in today’s world. At the Sunshine hospital, patients receive proper care and hypertension treatment at the best facility in Hyderabad.
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7-56/19, Dargah Road, LIG Chitrapuri Colony, Prashant Hills, Rai Durg, Telangana 500032, Near Vaishnoi Honda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032 Phone 081005 06070


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Sunshine Hospitals, Secunderabad


Multi Speciality

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