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Multi Speciality | Established 2012-12-31

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About Garbhagudi IVF Centre

The Garbhagudi Hospitals are famous for their infertility treatment procedures. These hospitals have the latest equipment to help couples conceive a child. The Garbhagudi IVF centre runs under the direct supervision of the famous gynecologist and fertility specialist Dr Asha S Vijay.

The hospital provides affordable solutions to infertility issues. Also, with an extremely high rate of IVF success, the couples usually are able to conceive a child within their first treatment. The Garbhagudi IVF centre in Bangalore has an extremely talented and skilled line-up of doctors.

Equipment/ Technology

The use of latest equipment has spurred the growth of the Garbhagudi hospital in Bangalore. These gadgets allow the doctors to help couples conceive children within a very short period and in a completely pain-free manner. The doctors at this hospital have studied and practiced the medical treatment of IVF for several years. They use precise equipment to put the sperm cells very close to the egg cells with this procedure.

The hospital has a dedicated sperm bank to help women get pregnant with IVF treatments. The doctors in the counseling centre of the hospital provide expert guidance to pregnant women.

Specialties Treated at Garbhagudi IVF Centre


  • Nutrition and Diet Centre: The nutrition and health centre of the hospital provides guidance to women to help them take care of their bodies during and after pregnancy.
  • Fertility Counseling: The fertility counseling unit provides expert consultation to couples having trouble conceiving a child after repeated attempts.
  • Male/Female Infertility Treatment: The hospital supports both male as well as female infertility treatments to help young and old couples conceive children quickly. The most common infertility related problems that the doctors here deal with include low sperm count, low sperm mobility, highly acidic uterine environment, etc.
  • Intrauterine Insemination: The doctors use hi-tech equipment for intrauterine insemination of the sperm cell. This procedure increases the chances of pregnancy by several folds in case the sperm cells are weak to travel all the way to the egg.
  • In-Vitro Fertilization: The in-vitro fertilization is ideal for women who have a problem conceiving a child due to over acidic environments of the uterus. This treatment usually requires one or two attempts at max.


3rd Floor, Park Landing, 5AC – 709, Outer Ring Road, 2nd Block, HRBR Extension, Bangalore – 560043, Near Royal Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru - 560043 Phone 088617 33339


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Specialities in Garbhagudi IVF Centre

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