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About Femiint Hospital

The Femiint hospital in Bangalore is extremely popular with young and old women. This hospital doubles up as a women’s fertility clinic in one of the biggest urban cities of India. It is known for personalizing the healthcare for women of all ages. The personalized care is custom designed for ladies making it extremely popular for expecting women.

The hospital treats various critical diseases and illnesses faced by women including osteoporosis, PCOD, cervical cancer, etc. It also has a dedicated pain management clinic to help women go through the phase of menstrual cycles and menopause in a pain-free manner.

Equipment/ Technology

The Femiint health clinic has all the necessary equipment for the diagnosis of critical diseases in old age women. The doctors here are fully equipped with all the tools necessary to conduct laparoscopic and gynecological operations safely.

With a long list of female doctors and hi-tech equipment, this place is the perfect health clinic for women. The hospital also supports 20 beds to keep women under overnight observation if need be. It also has one ambulance to help in need of an emergency pick up.


Specialties Treated at Femiint Hospital

  • Gynecology: The Femiint hospital has one of the most advanced gynecology departments in the country. The doctors here have several years of experience in dealing with all types of diseases pertaining to the cervical health of women. The department takes care of women young women entering their first menstrual cycle as well as the old age women who are going through a menopause.
  • Laparoscopy: The doctors here are equipped with the latest tools to perform advanced laparoscopy surgeries within a couple of hours. The hygienic environment and expert staff take care of the patients very well.
  • Maternity: This hospital is the preferred choice of pregnant women across Bangalore. The hospital features a dedicated maternity ward to take care of the pregnant women. The doctors and nurses in this ward have the necessary experience of dealing with complicated cases of pregnancy effectively. They provide all the necessary physical as well as mental support needed by the women to go through the rough phase of delivery. The use of advanced medicine and painkiller drugs allows the staff to take care of the patient very efficiently.
  • Orthopedic: The special orthopedic services take care of bone and muscle related problems after childbirth.
  • Cosmetology: The hospital has cosmetology experts who can advise you on ways to reduce stretch marks and loose skin.
Booking an appointment at Femiint health in Bangalore is fairly easy and you can do it with one call.


Uptown Square, State Highway 35, Ardendale, Kannamangala, Ardendale, Kannamangala, Red Rhino, Kadugodi, Bangalore - 560066 Phone 080-90807060


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