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Vitals Skin and Hair Klinic

Vitals Skin and Hair Klinic


Multi Speciality | Established 2015-12-31

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About Vitals Skin and Hair Klinic

The Vitals Skin and Hair Klinic is one of the finest dermatology clinics in the country. Located in the heart of Bangalore, in BTM layout, several people in and near Bangalore approach its doctors for expert consultation as well as treatment of skin and hair-related illnesses. Two of the best dermatologists in the country, Dr. Harish Prasad and Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla, run this clinic.

The name of the clinic contains an acronym for the various illnesses that it treats. VITALS stands for Vitiligo, Injectable, Transplantation, Aesthetics, Lasers, Skin surgery/Skincare. With an extremely high patient satisfaction rate, the Vitals Klinic has earned a very strong reputation in the country today.

Equipment/ Technology

The Vitals Klinic is a huge 2000 sq. ft facility that is full of hi-tech equipment for the treatment of skin and hair-related diseases. Some of the most popular and widely used equipment here include US FDA approved lasers for hair treatment. Some gadgets include Diode, Q switched ND: YAG, Carbon-dioxide lasers.

The clinic also has the latest micro-needling equipment to facilitate a quick and pain-free removal of hair from the face. It also has a dedicated operation room to carry out lengthy and complicated procedures effectively.

Specialities Treated at Vitals Klinic

  • Dermatology: The general dermatology department of the hospital treats all types of skin-related diseases. It is popular amongst people who want a pain-free and quick diagnosis of their skin problems.
  • Dark Circle Removal: The clinic provides quick and hassle-free solutions to dark circles. Several women, as well as men, approach the clinic for the removal of dark circles every year.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: With a full-fledged cosmetic surgery department, this clinic is extremely popular amongst women.
  • Thread Lift: The thread lift service is popular amongst women who want to get out of the hassle of eyebrow shaping every few weeks.
  • Acne and Scar Removal: The clinic has helped hundreds of patients deal with scars after a major accident.
  • Fat Reduction Treatment: The clinic also provides hassle-free fat reduction treatment.


8th Main Road, 390, 7th Cross Rd, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, Opposite Pai Digital, BTM Layout, Bengaluru - 560076 Phone 92068 69610


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