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About Surgery

What Is Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are hard objects that are made up of minerals and salts that form inside our kidneys. Urine has waste dissolved in it which allows minerals to crystallize and stick together when there is more waste than liquid. This condition leads to the formation of kidney stones.

Why Is Kidney Stone Surgery Performed?

Kidney stone surgery is primarily done to remove the stones from the kidney. In some cases, these kidney stones pass on their own just with some medications. But, if the stones are large and obstruct the urine flow, they will be removed through surgery.

How To Prepare For The Surgery?

There are no special requirements to prepare for a Kidney Stone removal surgery. However, the following should be kept in mind –

  • TreatmentWear comfortable and loose clothing on the day of the surgery
  • TreatmentIf you are on any medication, the doctor should be informed about the same in case of any changes
  • TreatmentFasting may be required depending on the instructions by the doctor
  • TreatmentAsk for treatment steps and any special instructions if there are any

How Is The Kidney Stone Surgery Performed?

There are different surgical techniques through which kidney stones can be removed and the following are a few.
Shock Wave Lithotripsy: Primarily ultrasound is carried out to understand where a kidney stone is, Once the exact location is detected shock waves are then sent from an external machine to break it into smaller pieces for it to pass in the urine. Usually, painkillers are given to the patient before the treatment since SWL is an uncomfortable process.
Ureteroscopy: During a ureteroscopy, a medical instrument called a ureteroscope is inserted into the bladder and the urethra. Through the uterus, it reaches the point where the stone is located. The doctor then uses a laser to break the stone into smaller pieces if needed and removes the stone(s).
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A small cut is made in the back and a medical instrument called a nephroscope is passed through and into the kidney. Once it reaches the location of the stone, it is either pulled out or broken into smaller pieces using a laser.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the surgery or treatment varies depending on the hospital and the technique used. MFine will help you get the best quotation from all top hospitals in the city along with free consultations in those hospitals.

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The approval of insurance is subject to your policy and the provider. However, MFine will assist in getting all the related documents and coordinate with your insurance provider to get your claim approved pre-surgery.

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