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Top Brain Tumor Surgeons in Hyderabad

Dr. Anirudh K Purohit


40 Years of Practice

Aster Prime Hospital

Dr. M C S Reddy


25 Years of Practice

The Deccan Hospital

Dr. P Ranganandhan


35 Years of Practice

Sunshine Hospital

Dr. B S V Raju


22 Years of Practice

Aster Prime Hospital

Dr. Y Murali Krishna


16 Years of Practice

Aster Prime Hospital

Dr. Sharan Basappa


12 Years of Practice

OMNI Hospitals

Dr. Aneel Kumar P


11 Years of Practice

Medicover Hospitals

Dr. Ajay Kumar


10 Years of Practice

The Deccan Hospital

Dr. Rohit Kumar Naik


10 Years of Practice

OMNI Hospitals

About Surgery

What Is A Brain Tumor Surgery?

A brain tumor is a mass/growth of abnormal cells inside the brain. A brain tumor surgery is performed for the removal of tumors from the head without causing any major damage. It is the most common treatment for a brain tumor. Your oncologist may suggest a brain tumor surgery helps to remove the tumor completely or tries to heal it by partial removal. Many benign (non-cancerous) tumors can be treated only by surgery. Most malignant (cancerous) tumors, however, require treatment in addition to surgery, such as radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.

Why Is A Brain Tumor Surgery Performed?

  • TreatmentTo remove the whole tumor
  • TreatmentTo partially remove the tumor to slow its growth and help with the symptoms
  • TreatmentTo drain the build-up of excess fluids inside the brain
  • TreatmentTo help identify and diagnose other treatments required, like chemotherapy
  • TreatmentTo prevent internal bleeding inside the brain

What Is The Procedure For A Brain Tumor Surgery?

The procedure carried out for a brain tumor depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor inside the brain.

During a brain tumor surgery, the neurosurgeon cuts out a small part of the scalp bone from the skull. The part of the skull removed is called the bone flap. The bone flap is temporarily removed to expose the brain tissue and create an opening that allows the doctor to operate on the brain and remove the tumor entirely, or partially.

A brain tumor surgery is usually carried out in the following way –

  • TreatmentOn arrival at the hospital, the patient is made to lie down and be given anesthesia before the procedure.
  • Treatment When the patient is asleep, the head is attached to a skull fixation device attached to the table, to help keep the head still during the surgery.
  • TreatmentA tube is placed inside the lungs to help with breathing during the surgery.
  • TreatmentA line is made on the head to mark the path of incision for the doctor to see.
  • TreatmentAfter this, an antiseptic is used to prepare the area of the incision. Sometimes, a part of the head is shaved off as skin incisions are usually made behind the hairline. Clips may be applied to minimize the bleeding during the surgery and the muscles and are flapped back and secured.
  • TreatmentThe doctor then starts with the brain tumor surgery with the help of the required medical equipment.

How To Prepare For A Brain Tumor Surgery?

Preparations for brain tumor surgery will be instructed by your doctor based on the health condition and the intensity of the surgery.

What is the Average Cost Of Brain Tumor Surgery?

The brain tumor surgery cost in Hyderabad varies depending on your medical condition and the surgical technique used. Give us a call, so our MFine medical expert would assist in finding the best brain tumor operation cost with insurance or without insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the surgery or treatment varies depending on the hospital and the technique used. MFine will help you get the best quotation from all top hospitals in the city along with free consultations in those hospitals.

Yes, all your consultations regarding the surgical treatment will be completely free at all our network hospitals.

The approval of insurance is subject to your policy and the provider. However, MFine will assist in getting all the related documents and coordinate with your insurance provider to get your claim approved pre-surgery.

MFine doesn't promise any discount on surgery. But, we will negotiate the price with the hospital on your behalf and try to accommodate your budget. However, we offer exclusive discounts on diagnostics and pre-surgical tests at diagnostic centers across the city.

You don't have to pay anything to MFine. We are associated with the hospitals directly to make your journey hassle-free and do not charge any fee for these services.