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5 Work From Home Tips To Keep You Fit During The Lockdown

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The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 now has the entire country on high alert with the closure of malls, pubs, schools, colleges and cancellation of fests, events that may attract large gatherings. In most main cities, companies have been urging their employees to work from home as a tool to practice social distancing during this time of lockdown so as to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

Working from home comes with its own set of troubles and challenges- it can get monotonous and can affect your health too. We are listing out a few tips that can help you balance your work and life while still at home:

Setting up your WFH workplace

Desire to dwell in clean environment”— Lailah Gifty Akita
  • It is important to set up a clean, comfortable workspace in your house. Doing so will help you gain increased motivation to work, thereby maximizing your productivity
  • Find a good spot in your house and designate it for work. Create a work station with a table desk-chair set up for appropriate ergonomic posture, along with a plain wall background in case you will need to get on a video call meeting. 
  • Organize office supplies- paper, books, stationery like staples, paper clips as well as pens. Keep a planner handy to plan your day out. 
  • Place our laptop as well as chargers, printers, phone adapters- use extension boards if required. Maintain a small box for earphones or earpods. 
  • Make sure you have the following items within reach around you: A box of tissues, hand sanitizer and a dustbin with a lid. 

work from home setting your space mfine

Planning your meals

“The groundwork of all happiness is health”- Leigh Hunt
  • It is an irresistible temptation to reach out for junk food or as the world likes to call it “quarantine snack” while working from home. You must avoid doing so as it may result in digestive problems as well as weight gain in the long term. 
  • Prepare a diet plan, with small frequent meals so you do not develop an excessive craving. Designate 15-30 minutes break in between your work hours to eat healthy food. 
  • Do not eat at your workstation. Get to the dining or living room, be mindful of what you are eating. If you are cooking, make sure to include a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Additionally, you can opt for foods that can boost your energy and stay motivated and fresh throughout the day.
  • If you have to work at night. Make sure you opt for low-calorie munchies like roasted mixed nuts or apple slices. 
  • Consult a dietician online on mfine for an organized meal plan if you are unable to fix one for yourself.

work from home eating well mfine

Physical exercise and sleep

It takes five minutes to consume 500 calories. It takes two hours to burn them off”— Anonymous
  • Working from home doesn’t necessarily have to make you feel like a sloth. Continuously being seated in one place in one particular posture can cause serious adverse effects on your health. 
  • A few exercises can be done at home to revitalize and stay fit despite having to work from home. 
  • Take a few breaks of 10 min each whenever you are aware that you have been sitting for too long- walk around the house, engage in some household chores that can help you get back to work with revamped energy.
  • Sleep hygiene is an important aspect that you must not skip. Make sure you get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep. Keep electronic items including laptop and phone away for at least half an hour before going to sleep and after waking up. 

work from home sleep hygienel mfine

Digital & mental wellbeing

“Digital wellbeing is about crafting and maintaining a healthy relationship with technology”— Greta Rossi
  • It is important your use of laptops and phones does not hamper your sleep patterns or your mental health in general. It is recommended that you take a few breaks in between your job to engage in exercise or household chores or a creative task like solving puzzles or painting. 
  • Manage the screen time for each of the apps that you might be using so you can keep a track of how much information you are consuming. 
  • You may have to especially consider spending less time on social media platforms that keep circulating information and sometimes panic and fake news regarding coronavirus. Such triggers can set off anxiety and disturb your mental health. Taking care of yourself includes limiting your time and energy spent on social media. 
  • Talk to your friends and family, facetime them if you are feeling low. Technology can not only assist you in your workspace but can come in handy when you are experiencing any mood changes.
  • Keep a check on your mental health and your surroundings in the house. Mindfulness is the key to maintain calmness in times of crises.
  • If you are feeling extremely low and anxious or if you have previously existing mental health issues and you see your symptoms worsening; which is expected as the coronavirus panic can impact mental health- please do reach out to mental health professionals on mfine for counselling during these testing times.

mental wellbeing mfine

Menstruation and women’s health during WFH

“A woman’s health is her capital”— Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • If you are a woman working from home, you might face a multitude of health issues that you may not have the time to focus on. However, you must take steps to ensure that you are feeling okay as your health is in your hands.
  • If you are on your periods and you are known to have cramps, make sure you have analgesics for relief. You can place a hot bag, take breaks from work and lie down straight with folded legs to alleviate the pain. 
  • If you are a pregnant woman and you have any issues such as nausea, vomiting, spotting, abdominal cramps and you are unsure of paying a visit to the hospital, you can always pick up your phone and consult with gynaecologists online on the mfine app. 

managing women's health during quarantine mfine

Work from home lifestyle does not have to be cumbersome or taxing. Make a checklist for yourself every day, keep yourself updated with information and take control of your health. Talk to your colleagues, tell them they are not alone and focus on positive outcomes. 

If you are feeling sick and you have any symptoms like fever, cough and breathing difficulty, consider consulting virtually with our top doctors on mfine rather than making unannounced visits to a hospital or testing centres. 

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