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6 Healthy Foods That Boost Your Energy Levels

Dt. Sana Khalid

These foods will help you stay active & focussed throughout the day.

Everyone feels run-down or out of energy at some point in time during the day. Our fast-paced lifestyle consisting of chores, relationships, and job can often leave us drained. To keep ourselves fuelled up for the day, the kind of food we eat plays an important role. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that the type and quantity of foods that you eat decide how energetic you will be throughout the day. While every type of food, in general, provides energy, some contain nutrients that boost your energy and help you in staying active and focussed throughout the day.

We have put together a list of foods that have proven their positive effect on your energy levels-


Hailed as one of the best foods for energy and for a good reason. Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6. These nutrients provide a boost in energy. The effectiveness of bananas in boosting energy levels have been tested in 75-km cycling trials where it proved to be as effective as typical energy drinks for athletes.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but also contain vital nutrients like carbohydrates, fibre, manganese and vitamin A. Due to fibre and complex carbs, sweet potatoes digest slowly and keep providing you with energy. 

Brown rice

Brown rice is very nutritious as it is not heavily processed like white rice. Containing fibre, minerals and vitamins, it has a low glycemic index, so it’s an excellent choice for those managing their diabetes. Due to the presence of complex carbs and fibre, brown rice, just like sweet potatoes mentioned above provide energy for extended periods of time.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than ordinary milk chocolates. Antioxidants present in cocoa provide numerous health benefits. It provides more oxygen to the muscles and brain, improving their functions. Added to this, antioxidants increase blood flow reducing mental fatigue and stress.


This list would have been incomplete without water. Dehydration is often the primary cause of tiredness and lack of energy. Drinking water even when not thirsty can very quickly boost your energy levels and bring back your focus.


Low fat, flavoured, unflavoured- there are plenty of options available! This is a good choice for snacking and has high levels of calcium and protein along with good bacteria to up your gut health. One cup of yoghurt per day can lift your energy levels while ensuring good health.

While there are a lot of foods that provide energy and keep you active, it is important to include foods that provide energy as well as good nutrients. If you are feeling tired often or if your lifestyle demands higher energy, then definitely consult a dietitian and get a diet plan that not only boosts your energy but also is healthy for the overall body.

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