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Bad Day? Lift Up Your Mood With These Essential Oils

Binish Ahmed

Where there is oil, there is hope.

Is that deadline nearing? Missed the dinner date with your partner? Your work pressures and personal commitments can leave you feeling drained. If you do not do something about the stress, it may negatively effect your mental and physical health.

Essential oils can be your saviour here! These natural solutions have been proven to release negative emotions, reduce stress and have a calming effect on the mind. Have a look at these 5 essential oils that may help you relieve your stress and anxiety:

Lavender oil

Studies conducted on lavender oil have shown positive results so far. This oil has numerous benefits, it has a relaxing effect and can help calm anxiety. Lavender oil has also been suggested to improve sleep quality. It can be an amazing natural remedy for insomnia. Uplift your mood with this essential oil by adding a drop or two in a diffuser, or sleep like a baby by putting a drop or two on your pillow.

Rose oil

Experts suggest that rose essential oil can help relieve stress, improve sleep quality, boost mood, and reduce anxiety levels. Apart from imparting increased feelings of calm and relaxation, it has wondrous effects on the skin as it can hydrate dry skin, erase scars and clear acne. If you want to apply it on your skin, combine this oil with a carrier oil or add a few drops in your bath. You can also inhale the oil by sprinkling it on a cloth or simply use a diffuser.

Chamomile oil

A 2015 research published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine pointed out that chamomile essential oil has stress-relieving properties that can ease out worry, depression and an overactive mind. If used for a bath before sleep, it can relax both body and mind and induce peaceful sleep. In fact, chamomile is enjoyed as a tea as a caffeine-free alternative that has soothing benefits.

Sweet orange oil

This oil is extracted from the peel of orange fruit. Experts have reported that the scent of sweet orange can lower anxiety and improve mood. In a study, patients in a waiting room were exposed to the sweet orange odour before a dental procedure. It was found that such patients had lower levels of anxiety compared to those patients who were exposed to regular air.

Jasmine oil

This essential oil is derived from the jasmine flower. Jasmine is no stranger to the beauty world as its fragrance is used in soaps, oils and perfumes. The Journal of Health Research suggested that when jasmine oil is inhaled, one feels more energetic and positive. It can be inhaled directly, massaged on the skin or added in a diffuser.

A word of caution

The evidence suggesting the efficacy of essential oils is less. More and larger studies need to be conducted for proper scientific validation. An essential oil may work for one person and may not have any effect on another. Thus, effects may vary. Children, asthma patients, breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use these oils. Always consult an expert before trying out any essential oil for a specific condition.

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