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Category: Healthy at Home

5 Reasons Why WFH Employees Suffer From Tech Neck

By definition, it’s neck pain that is caused by injury or strain to tissues located around your cervical spine. 

How To Check Sugar Levels At Home

Learning how to check sugar levels at home is a significant part of diabetes treatment.

6 Quick Ways To Get Relief From Migraine Headaches

Here are some handy tips that will help prevent those excruciating headaches.

Safety First: Tips On Playing A Safe Holi At Home

Safety should be the first priority.

Oral Rehydration Salts Solution (ORS): An Effective Remedy For Dehydration

ORS reverses dehydration and replaces the lost salts in the body.

These 8 Homecare Tips Will Help Lower High Blood Sugar

Follow these tips to keep your blood sugar levels & health in check.

Home Gardening: Why It Is Good For Your Health

Nurturing plants can improve your mood & relieve stress.

Develop These Healthy Eating Habits At Home

Here are some ways to keep your diet balanced while you're stuck in the house.

These 5 Navrati Fasting Tips Will Keep You Healthy & Energized

It is important that you keep a tab on your health to avoid any mishaps during fasting.

How To Prevent Eye Strain Caused Due To Excessive Screen Time

Our eyes are bearing the brunt due to constant exposure to computer screens & smartphones.

Arthritis Diet: Best & Worst Foods For Your Joints Condition

Find out which foods help in fighting inflammation & relieving arthritis symptoms.

How To Protect Senior Citizens From The COVID-19 Pandemic

It is important to take special precautionary measures & extend the best care to the elderly.

8 Productive Things To Do At Home Instead Of Binge-Watching

Make the best use of the ‘extra’ time that has suddenly come your way.

COVID-19 Recovery: 5 Tips To Remember While Recuperating

With the right awareness & expert care, your road to COVID recovery can be smooth.

5 Effective Lifestyle Changes For Treating Indigestion

Indigestion is a collection of symptoms that suggest something’s not right with your digestive system.

Vitamin C: Why Is It So Important During The Ongoing Pandemic?

Vitamin C may help boost our respiratory immunity, something that is needed during this pandemic.

Parenting At Home: Tips To Take Care Of Your Children

Take special care & precautions in order to ensure the health of your children.

8 Effective Ways To Keep Acid Reflux At Bay

Some preventive measures and lifestyle changes can help relieve acid reflux symptoms.