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5 Bad Postures That Affect Work Performance

Binish Ahmed

Here are 5 office habits that are unknowingly harming your posture and ways to fix them.

Having a poor posture at your workplace causes strains and pains but having it for a long time can cause some serious damage. If you do not do anything about it, in the long run bad posture can cause joint problems, body balance issues and breathing difficulty.

Here are 5 office habits that are unknowingly messing with your posture and also the ways to fix them:

Sitting all-day

People engaged in the IT profession know what’s it like to be glued to their chair all day. But sitting at your desk for a long time without break will not only lead to bad posture but health problems as well. Sitting for hours can tire your muscle and ultimately you start to lean and slouch. This eventually leads to pain in the neck and the back.

The fix: After every 30-40 minutes, try to stand or stretch. You can also take a short walk around the office. If you cannot remember to take a break, set a reminder on your computer or smartphone.

Working in a relaxed way

Many companies today offer the option to work from home or work remotely. Such people work from their laptop or smartphone on a bed, couch or recliner. This relaxed working practice leads to ‘hunched over laptop syndrome.’ This is a serious problem and can lead to neck pain, back pain, and even slipped disc.

The fix: Try working on a table or a desk. If you don’t have one get a table and chair. Ensure that you are sitting in an upright position. Shoulders should be relaxed, and your elbows should be close to your body. Avoid placing the laptop on your laps as it may cause damage to your nether region.

Cradling phone on the shoulder

People who like to multitask also have the habit of using their phone between the ear and the shoulder. In doing so, it helps them to use their hands for other tasks. This habit can strain your muscles and soft tissues causing pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

The fix: Get a hands-free if your job involves the use of a phone. If you don’t have a headset, then refrain from working while you are on a call. Use your phone but don’t hurt your body.

Looking down on the screen

Hunching over your keyboard or looking down at your smartphone are bad posture practices. The former can cause stiffness in your shoulders and the back whereas the latter may lead to health issues like neck pain, headaches, and unbalanced spine. As a matter of fact, one study suggested that looking down at your phone is equivalent to putting a 27 kg weight on your neck.

The fix: Your shoulders should be upright, and feet should touch the ground. The screen should be at the level of your eyes. Try looking at your smartphone at eye level as much as possible. It is important that you stretch your shoulders and back regularly throughout the day.

Some bad sitting habits

How you sit impacts your posture. Here are some of the bad sitting habits:

  • Slouching on one side: strains muscles on one side
  • Sinking down in your seat: Pain in the lower back
  • Chin poking out: Neck and upper back pain
  • Sitting with a wallet in your back pocket: Irritating sciatic nerve and back pain

The fix: An ideal chair should support your spinal curves. The height of your chair should be such that your feet should rest flat on the floor. Your eyes should be at the level with the top of the monitor. Shoulders should be relaxed and lower arms parallel to the floor. Make sure that your keyboard isn’t too far, it should be easily accessible with arms bent at the elbow.

If you are facing any kind of body pain because of your posture then it best that you talk to an expert. Download the mfine app and consult the best healthcare professional near you.

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