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Go Analog! Here’s Why You Need A Digital Detox

Binish Ahmed

In this era of technological whirlpool, our lives call for a detox, a digital detox!

Calls, texts, photos, emails, calculator, social media, alarms, games, reminders, taxi bookings, payments– you name it. Our day revolves around technology. Sure, they have made our lives easier, but the insatiable consumption of media and technology has a lot of negative consequences as well.

In this era of technological abundance, our lives call for a detox, a digital detox!

What is a digital detox?

Digital detox is a period when one quits the use of digital devices and therefore utilizes that time for other activities or social interactions. This way the person can relieve the stress and anxiety that happens due to their over-dependency on technology and compulsive behaviour associated with it.

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The iPhone effect

This name was given by scientists who studied the influence of smartphones on relationships and social engagement. They suggested that just the presence of an iPhone on the table during a get-together leads to lower empathy levels and poor conversation quality. This effect was stronger when the conversation revolved around personal topics. Thus, the presence of a phone has a negative effect on relationships and the quality of conversation.

Signs you’re in dire need a digital detox

  • You’re stressed and anxious
  • You have a habit of taking pictures of everything
  • Your sleep quality is poor
  • You get easily distracted
  • You constantly check your phone, even though there’s no notification
  • You take your smartphone everywhere with you, even to the loo
  • You have a habit of watching TV, computer or laptop while eating
  • You obsess over texting back or commenting on a post
  • You fear about missing out
  • You will not read this whole article

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How to do a digital detox?

There’s no one specific way to go for a digital detox. You can make your schedule and practice it daily or for a few days. It is up to you. But first, figure out what are you fasting without—your phone, laptop, TV, social media or all of them? Here are some ideas for cutting out your tech habits and making room for analog time:

Use a timer to track your tech time Switch off alerts & push notifications Remove social media apps from your phone
Try to avoid looking at a device when you wake up Use a real alarm Charge your phone outside your bedroom


Keep your phone in a drawer or your bag in the office Read a book before you sleep Don’t watch TV or mobile when you eat
Start using pen and paper to note down Assign a time-slot for checking social media Refrain from binge-watching
Practice meditation Take a walk after meals Go on a nature trip
Go to places which provide a digital detox Stop taking pictures of everything Tell people what you’re doing

Digital detox has some amazing health benefits

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Inspired? Ready for the challenge? All the best with your digital detox!!

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