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Child Growth Calculator

Child Growth Calculator

Using mfine’s Child Growth Calculator is fairly simple and straightforward. All you need to do is fill out your child’s gender, name, age (in years and months), height in centimetres and weight in kilograms. After adding in the details, select the Calculate option. The results would vary, telling you whether your child’s growth is normal, below normal or above normal.

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Child Growth Calculator

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Your child's BMI is HIGH. Consult immediately with top quality pediatricians to ensure your child's height and weight reach a normal level.

*based on medical standards

Your child's BMI is HIGH. Consult immediately with top quality pediatricians to ensure your child's height and weight reach a normal level.

*based on medical standards

Consult Child Growth Specialists

Consult Consult Child Growth Specialists

A child’s growth, contrary to older times, is a lot more easier and convenient to assess. Instead of running to the doctor for every little test, it’s possible to monitor your child’s growth using simple tools. Based on those values, you can accordingly take the child to a pediatrician. A child’s growth pattern can differ from other children. A Child Growth Calculator is similar to the BMI Calculator, where the essential aim is to keep an eye on your child’s height and weight, and if you sense something amiss, you can seek intervention at the right time. Right from forming a food chart bearing the child’s requirements to recommending physical exercises, a doctor would know best based on the child’s growth and progress.

The Child Growth Calculator indicates the child’s growth chart percentile based on their age. The weight and height are compared to other children’s, with the growth chart percentile indicating the number of children who weigh less than your child. Needless to say, girls growth chart varies from that of boys. Their inputs and results might differ but let a doctor arrive at a conclusion first.

Here’s an example:
A boy named Siva is 6 years and 9 months old, is 127 cms tall and weighs 27kgs. Upon calculating, it is found that he is above normal and maybe undergoing a growth spurt. This prompts the parents to take Siva to pediatrician and asses his overall health. His height percentile is 75-th, based on the data compiled from Centres of Diseases and Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is percentile?

In order to understand the calculation, one must understand the measurement ‘Percentile’. This is commonly used measure in statistics that shows the value below which a given percentage of observations in a cluster or group of observations come under. In the above example, the value 75-th indicates that from the CDC growth chart calculator data, 75% of boys of the same age as Siva weigh less than him while 25% of them way more.

How does a Child Growth Calculator help the child (and parents)?

Much like how the BMI (Body Mass Index) percentiles exhibit how the measurements of your child compares to other children who are of the same age and gender, a Child Growth Calculator relies on the percentile value based on CDC growth chart calculator data. Upon receiving the child height percentile value of your child, mfine’s Child Growth Calculator suggests the city’s top pediatrician to you. With their names and profiles at your perusal, you can scroll and choose the right doctor for your child in order to assess their growth level and suggest what foods would make them stronger and fit among other suggestions. Irrespective of whether the child's height percentile value is above normal or below normal, it certainly does not indicate that your child is overweight or underweight. Using the child height calculator and weight results, a doctor will be able to determine the child’s growth status.

We partner with the best pediatric hospitals

We partner with the best pediatric hospitals

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