6 Health Problems Indian Men Often Ignore

Binish Ahmed

Health ranks the lowest in men's priorities list.

Men usually have a bad reputation when it comes to health. Physical and mental health ranks last in their priority list. While playing out their roles in society by earning bread, getting a stable job and maintaining relationships, they end up paying less heed to their health. But the truth is that they suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions more than women. With that being said, here are some common health problems men often ignore:

Low iron

Although iron deficiencies are more common in women, it doesn’t mean men are spared from it. If you are constantly tired, have pale skin, feel dizzy or have headaches more often, chances are that you have an iron deficiency. This condition arises when your food does not contain iron or when your body cannot absorb iron properly. Include food such as chicken, beef, leafy greens, beans and raisins as they are a powerhouse of iron. Do not take any supplements without consulting a dietitian.

Vitamin deficiency

A recent study suggested that many healthy-looking urban men are suffering from vitamin deficiency. Ignoring these deficiencies can lead to negative consequences such as low immunity, hair fall, fatigue, anaemia, memory problems, and depression. Our diet usually consists of pulse and cereal-based foods. Men usually consume food rich in vitamins such as fruits, vegetables and dairy resulting in deficiencies.


Obesity not just increases body fat but bad cholesterol and blood sugar. This results in an increased risk of slow-killing diseases such as diabetes, heart stroke, osteoarthritis sleep apnea, depression, and even cancer. Obesity is more worrisome in men than women because obesity places a burden on male hormones, sex drive, and prostate health. Calculate your body mass index (BMI) to know how much overall fat you’re carrying. Adjust your diet and burn off those extra calories with exercise. Now is the best time to start.


Alcohol is not the only cause of liver degeneration. Obesity, diabetes, tattoos, and unprotected sex can also cause liver complications. Gentlemen, if you want to achieve liver wellness make sure that you’re having a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, have protected sex and drink responsibly (or maybe just quit). Don’t share your hygiene items, wash hands regularly and ditch the use of any drugs whatsoever.


A study reported that men in their early 30s, who work out less have a greater risk of developing high cholesterol. 80% of the cholesterol circulating in your body is produced by the liver. Thus, you must be careful as to not consume foods rich in trans fat as they tend to increase your cholesterol level leading to heart disease risk. If your tests show high LDL cholesterol, consult your doctor about lifestyle changes and maybe medicines to get into the safe zone.


Depression is not a bad mood. It is a serious mental health condition that is a high-risk factor for suicide. Men usually avoid getting any kind of help as they don’t want to be perceived as weak or “unmanly.” But the truth is that depression is a critical concern and requires help as soon as possible. In men, depression mostly manifests itself through aggression, anger and substance abuse. But if you are constantly feeling depressed, it is high time you consulted a psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not delay.

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