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Workout At Home: 5 Ways To Stay Fit During A Lockdown

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Now that we are finally taking social distancing seriously with the lockdown in effect, this makes the perfect opportunity for those wishing to get fit for a long time to focus on working out or taking up some form of exercise. And the fitness enthusiasts that are already out, they must surely be looking for ways to stay in shape at home. 

Lockdown doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your fitness. Working out at home is the best way to go right now as it allows you to stay safe from the pandemic and remain fit. There is a wide range of exercises and high-intensity workout routines that can help you stay in shape at home. We have compiled a list of exercises that personal trainers recommend and tips to guide you to get fit at home.

Make Youtube your trainer

Youtube is filled with thousands of free videos on working out at home. You can not only find videos focussing on specific exercises but also entire workout routines and diet plans. Youtube right now should be your go-to place for seeking information and training.

workout at home youtube mfine

Burpees are mandatory

Every personal trainer will agree that burpees are the king of exercises when working out at home. No matter where you are no other exercise has as deep an impact as burpees. If you are looking to challenge yourself then try going for 100 burpees.

workout at home burpees mfine

Ensure body-weight movement

Exercises like push-ups and squats need you to lift your body weight to ensure muscle strength for various parts of your body. Mixing body-weight movements such as lunges, air squats, mountain climbers and push-ups make for a decent home workout routine.

body weight movement mfine

Make fitness tools out of household items

The most important tool for exercising is your own body weight. You can use certain everyday household objects as workout tools. For example- the legs of a chair can help you distance your legs for squats or if your bed is low enough it can work as a support for assisted push-ups and jugs of water can replace dumbbells.

workout at home using props mfine

Ensure basic hygiene and diet

Exercise alone will not keep you fit. If you truly want your body to grow then you will need to supplement it with a proper diet. You can consult online with an expert dietitian during this time to get a customised diet plan according to your needs. Added to this, it’s important to keep your home and workout area clean and sanitised. Also, ensure that you follow basic hygiene guidelines.

good diet mfine

Don’t underestimate the importance of routine and repetition. If you want to build a healthy habit at home, then the hard part is that you’ll have to motivate yourself and do it every day. The good news is that it gets easier with each passing day. Stay indoors and stay safe during the lockdown. Keep working out and maintain your health at home.

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workout at home

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