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Gynecology actually means “science of women”. However, according to medical science, it is the medical practice dealing with the female health including the reproductive system and breasts. Some of the most common gynecological diseases are infertility, dysmenorrhea, gynecological cancers, early menopause and others.

With ever-changing lifestyle, more and more females are having gynecological issues. That is why we see in hospitals that gynecological wards are filled with women of all ages with various health issues. mfine makes it easier for you by bringing to you the best gynecologists in Kolkata at your fingertips with perfect listings. mfine helps you in consulting the gynecologists near me.

Female health needs care which is provided by the best gynecologists in Kolkata listed at mfine. Consult gynecologists online with an instant appointment and affordable fees. mfine cares about your health and needs and therefore provides you with the best gynecologists for all your health issues. Gynecologists in Kolkata use the most advanced technologies for the operative treatment. Find your choice of best gynecologists in Kolkata at mfine listings.

Why See A Gynecologist?

Gynecologists in Kolkata cover a wide range of issues from childbirth, obstetrics, pregnancy, menstruation and fertility issues, hormonal disorders and others. This is what gynecologists in Kolkata offer you with:

  • Full History Investigation: When a woman consults gynecologists in Kolkata, your full body investigation is done so that the gynecologists can get a better idea of your situation enabling them to help you more. Gynecologists mainly focus on women reproductive health.
  • Counseling: Gynecologists in Kolkata held counseling sessions with the patient to help her learn the responsibilities of her body in a new way so that if any new complication or symptoms arise, that patients can detect that themselves and make an appointment with the gynecologists in a jiffy. Helps you in understanding your body and how to protect yourself from certain diseases and maintain hygiene.
  • Treatment: At mfine, we care about every aspect of your health. Gynecologists mainly focus on health issues starting from periods or menstrual problem, pregnancy, sex-related problems, breast abnormalities, thyroid issues and many other health-related problems.
  • Post Operative Care and Management: Gynecologists provide post-operative care which includes treating all complications and looking after the patient's health and noting her progress with time.

Women Issues That We Treat

  • Periods that are irregular, heavy or painful
  • Issues related to thyroid
  • Abnormalities in breasts
  • Advice on women health and hygiene
  • Smelly or abnormal discharge from vagina
  • Post sex bleeding or pain
  • Pregnancy planning
  • Missing periods

Gynecologists in Kolkata keep a track of your daily progress and compile a report from it. And according to your issues and needs, the gynecologist analyses your situation and helps you in the best way possible. At mfine, we respect your choice and your privacy. Therefore, 100% confidentiality is maintained between the doctor and the patient.

Start living your life to the fullest by consulting the best gynecologist in Kolkata at mfine.

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