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7 Week Pregnancy: All you need to know


The 7th week of the pregnancy is when vital organ growth take place and the nurturing of the embryo starts from this week.

Around 14 to 23% of pregnant women experience depression symptoms at some point in the pregnancy time. [1]

➢ The baby is 1/4 inch long in this week.
➢ First ultrasound happens between this time.
➢ Morning sickness starts.
➢ Hormone changes happen rapidly.

The organs continue to develop and most of the development happens in the head and face region. By this time the baby's kidneys have already developed and their final set for waste management takes place. The mother goes through emotional changes giving rise to mood swings and in bodily changes.

Symptoms include vomiting, frequent urination, and nausea.

People may experience
Mild cramping in the pelvic region.
Food aversions and cravings.
Constant Fatigue.
Occasional Spotting.


Self Care: Start Prenatal exercise, quit smoking, go for the prenatal visit. Take food rich in nutrients such as calcium, protein, iron.

Medication: Medicine for pain, vomiting, nausea can be taken but any medicine should be strictly taken on doctor's advice only.

Specialist: For countering any complications or in case of sudden severe pain, consult your gynecologist immediately, without delay. At mfine, we offer a wide range of medical treatment for a smooth recovery from any of your health problem.

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