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10 Reasons To Cuddle More: Cuddling Health Benefits

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In today’s world where almost everyone has a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s often next to impossible to take out some time for intimacy with your partner. However, intimacy is much more than just a physical aspect, it is also an integral aspect of human happiness.

The good news is that this happiness is not so hard to achieve. That’s because intimacy isn’t always ‘intercourse.’ Sometimes, some quality time with your partner where you just cuddle with each other is more than enough to give you the happiness and peace you seek.

Besides, there’s a list of health benefits of cuddling with your partner that go beyond your mind and soul. Let’s delve into them—

Cuddling releases happy hormones

When you cuddle with your partner, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin—commonly known as the happy hormone. This hormone helps you feel happiness from within and also makes you feel deeply connected to your partner.

cuddling Happy Hormones mfine

Cuddling boosts immunity

When you’re mentally happy, it shows physically as well. So, when you cuddle and your body releases oxytocin, you feel good about yourself. Additionally, more and more hormones are produced to fight off various types of infections.

cuddling boosts immunity mfine

Cuddling lowers your risk of heart disease

With the release of oxytocin, your body automatically gets a soothing and calming effect. This, in turn, reduces your blood pressure, further reducing your risks of heart disease

cuddling heart disease mfine

Cuddling helps relieve pain

The logic is simple! When your neck hurts and you rub it, you naturally get a soothing effect. Imagine how the same mechanism works when you have a complete body to body contact with another person! That’s cuddling for you! 

pain relief

Cuddling deepens your relationship

Communication is an integral part of any relationship and it just isn’t about words but also ‘touch.’ A simple touch can often do what words can’t and cuddling is a way of deep communication as well. Coming back from work after a stressful day and thinking about it all the time can leave a negative impact on your relationship. But when you come home and take out at least 10 minutes to just lie down and cuddle with your partner, it not only relaxes your mind and body but also deepens your bond as a couple. It reassures you that come what may, you both will always be there for each other.

better relationships

Cuddling reduces social anxiety

Good hormones promote positive thinking. Good touch also has positive vibes etched into it. When you get a hug at a party or a warm handshake—your nerves automatically relax and your anxiety reduces. The same way, regular cuddling with your loved ones boosts your self-confidence and reduces your social anxiety.

social anxiety

Cuddling relieves stress

With cuddling and the release of oxytocin, when you solidify your relationship with your partner, feel good about yourself, have a positive-thinking and reduced anxiety, you instantly have reduced levels of stress as well.

stress relief

Cuddling helps you sleep better

Since the release of oxytocin after cuddling helps in relieving stress, it naturally calms your mind and helps you sleep better.

sleep better

Cuddling curbs untimely cravings and weight gain

In most scenarios, binge-eating happens due to hormonal imbalances when you just ‘feel’ like you’re hungry but you just eat for pleasure. With the secretion of oxytocin, your body is automatically relaxed and your hormones are in sync, meaning they don’t prompt you to just eat for pleasure.

combats cravings

Cuddling lowers inflammation

Other than relieving pain, cuddling also helps with lowering inflammation. This is because it boosts the secretion of T-regulatory cells, which are inflammation-fighting cells. Additionally, oxytocin also lowers the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines like IL-6.

reduced inflammation

With so many health benefits associated with cuddling, make sure to take out some time from your daily routine to cuddle with your partner. After all, love is meant to be felt more than said.

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    Smitakshi Guha

A literature nerd who made a straight jump from mainstream journalism to digital media. She loves spinning words around parenting, baby care & women’s health with her pieces offering both insight and fun.

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