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This app is really flawless. Good for elderly people. Best part of the app is home delivery of medicine at a discounted price.

Vidyadhar M

I got lab tests done for my parents on MFine since we couldn’t travel. Sample was collected at home & I got both reports on the app. Very convenient.

Harshit Shukla

My 3 y/o son was unwell late at night and I had to speak to a doctor immediately. I chose a doctor and got to consult in 10 minutes. It was very helpful for us.

Rekha S

I booked an appointment for an Ultrasound via MFine. Got my scan done immediately at my time slot. Didn’t have to wait or stand in a queue.

Aarthi Singh


How do I book an appointment to chat with a doctor?

At MFine, we have experienced doctors across 30+ specialities including cardiology, gynaecology, diabetology, dermatology, and more. To talk to a doctor online, you have to select a specialty, choose a doctor, and enter your details to consult with them online. The doctor will connect with you and will recommend lab tests, health check ups, or medicines based on your health condition. A doctor’s qualification, experience, and records are taken into account before being credentialed with MFine to give medical advice to our patients.

Will my live chat with a doctor remain private?

The privacy of our users is our first priority. We, at MFine, understand that privacy of data is a fundamental human right. Your medical history and discussions with your doctor will be stored in our safe and secure database. This information will strictly remain confidential.

The online doctor prescribed tests. What do I do now?

When you are chatting with a doctor online, they may prescribe certain lab tests online or a simple blood test at home that help diagnose your symptoms with better accuracy. You can check out MFine’s comprehensive health packages for easy health check up at home. Once you book an online lab test, a trained lab technician will arrive at your doorstep to collect the required samples. We follow the highest safety and hygiene standards for sample collection. You can book a test for yourself or your loved ones on our site or with our MFine app

What are the types of online health check up at home offered by MFine?

MFine offers full body health checkups, condition-based health packages and lifestyle-based health packages. Our condition-based health packages assess the health of a particular organ or condition like  thyroid, diabetes, liver function and kidney function. In addition to these, we perform tests for lifestyle-related issues, like stress assessments, alcohol risk assessments, smoker’s risk assessments, and allergy tests, vitamin profiles, and obesity risk tests.

What are the safety measures taken while performing a health check up at home?

With safety and social distancing being our top most priority during this global pandemic, MFine has taken up all the safety measures needed to fight the spread of the deadly virus. The medical professional who will visit your home to collect your sample will be checked for symptoms and will be in protective gear including gloves and masks. The containers used for the samples will also be thoroughly sanitised on a regular basis.

Is it safe to order medicines online?

As we head into a digital world during the pandemic, buying medicines online has become very beneficial. Our online medicine website follows a transparent approach to inform our users the authenticity of our medicines. To get your medicines delivered at your doorstep, fill in your contact details and upload your doctor’s prescription. We will share the price and delivery details and you can make the payment as cash on delivery in selected locations. You also have a saved record of your medicines to keep track of your purchases. Our online medicine delivery system has also made it more accessible to get medicines online with ease.

Does MFine offer COVID-19 lab tests online?

MFine offers COVID-19 antibody tests to ensure maximum preparedness for the ongoing pandemic. You can also check out the difference between an antibody test and a COVID 19 test to understand the results. Furthermore, you can track outbreaks and the number of cases in your locality and city with our MFine radar tool. This will enable you to remain more informed and practice social distancing safer. If you experience any symptoms, you can use our COVID-19 risk assessment tool which analyses your symptoms and history to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the next steps to be taken. And, if you require a COVID19 IgG + Ig total antibody test, we offer this health check up at home as well.