Editorial Policy

MFine’s Editorial Policy

MFine delivers clinically approved healthcare content curated by medically certified professionals only.

We understand the importance of accuracy and trust when it comes to healthcare and assure the same across our content & services. All the content including articles, guides, health bytes etc. available on MFine app & website is built & reviewed by an experienced Medical Content Team comprising of doctors and healthcare certified specialists. Our team goes through meticulous scientific research before publishing any health related content.

Also, while our content is developed and approved by medical experts, we understand it is consumed by people of different age groups and from various sectors. Therefore, we deliver high-quality content in the simplest and most comprehensible language, leveraging the expertise of seasoned medical writers with extensive experience.

Content Development to Publishing – How does it work?

  1. Doctor & Writers Connect: To understand the information need of users aiming to deliver the same
  2. Initial Research: Our medical team do extensive research on the topic
  3. Content Creation: The team curates and work on the content based on MFine’s standard content structure & brand guidelines
  4. Medical Review: The content is vetted by a doctor so that all the information provided is medically sound & accurate
  5. Language Review: The language team then go through the content to ensure it is in an easy to understand language for all users
  6. Feedback Assessment: The team ensures all the feedback is incorporated & builds the final draft
  7. Final Doctor Review: The content is then finally reviewed by our senior doctors from the editorial team before publishing.
  8. Up to date: The content is regularly updated based on facts & statistics.


Absolute Yes Absolute No
  • Citation from credible medical & research websites
  • Case studies with consent of users while ensuring privacy of identity
  • Information provided to educate users but do not endorse in any way self-medication or treatment
  • False claims & guaranteed results
  • Contribution to health rumors that can create panic among users without valid information
  • Clickbait titles or headlines to misguide readers


Our Team of Medical Experts:

  1. Dr. Raja Indana – MBBS, Medical Director
  2. Dr. Swati Kaktikar – MBBS, Senior Program Manager
  3. Dr. Spurti Kattimani – MBBS, Consultant Physician
  4. Dr. Damanpreet Kaur – MBBS, Consultant Physician
  5. Dt. Bhawi Panwar – MSc. Food & Nutrition, Chief Dietician
  6. Ms. Snigdha Samantray – Clinical Psychologist, Head – Mental Wellness Speciality
  7. Ms. Juie Acharya – Clinical Psychologist
  8. Ms. Bhavyakirti Kumari Jhala – Consultant Psychologist

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