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Suffering from chest pain?
Mfine can help you find the top Cardiologists in Rae Bareli. See reviews and ratings from thousands of patients who have booked an online consultation with our certified doctors.


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What does a cardiologist do?

As the name suggests, a cardiologist specialises in identifying the symptoms relating to cardiovascular diseases and treating them. They treat both diseases relating specifically to the heart and the blood vessels. A heart doctor also carries out surgical procedures on the heart like angioplasty, insertion of pacemakers and cardiac catheterization.

What are the symptoms of cardiovascular disease?

The following symptoms may be indicators of cardiovascular diseases:

What to expect when you visit a cardiologist?

A cardiologist can:

  • Check blood pressure levels and assess all heart-related test reports
  • Provide medicines for heart diseases
  • Provide care post any heart-related operations
  • Monitor your health, treatment, and provide treatment alternatives
  • Provide a heart health plan based on a family history of heart disease and individual health conditions

When should you visit a cardiologist?

It is important to consult with a cardiologist if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, pain or swelling in your legs, diabetes, preeclampsia or a family history of heart diseases. It is also advisable to visit a cardiologist if you are experiencing discomfort in your chest or if you are a smoker since smoking increases your risk of heart diseases.

How to consult with cardiologists on mfine?

mfine is an AI-based health platform that puts you in touch with the best cardiologists online. You can choose from our list of  top cardiologists in Rae Bareli and consult with them via an instant appointment and video chat. You can also search for “best cardiologists near me” to directly get a list of top cardiologists as per your city and locality.

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